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The automatic cone filler has the power to grind your weed and fill your cones all in one swift motion. RollBotz Robokone-Fillers are the first of their kind. Our cone filler has the power to grind, filter, and pack your weed into a perfectly portioned cone. There’s no fear of over-grinding your precious plants and reducing their potency. After trying our weed cone filler just once, we’re confident that you’ll never go back to your old ways.

All-in-one Weed Cone Filler & Grinder

Our revolutionary cone filler and grinder has the power to take a full flower, reduce it into manageable bits, and pack a cone full of your product. The top, grinder portion of the product uses a miniature ball and chain to break down your marijuana flower into tiny bits that fit snugly into your cone. Next, the filter allows smaller bits of weed to pass through into your pre-set cone. Once your cone is filled, smoking is as simple as closing it off and lighting up.

Ease of Use

This automatic cone filler takes all of the stress out of preparing your weed with its intuitive design. Start by loading up the weed grinding compartment with your bud of your choice. Once it’s securely placed, you can lock the mechanism and start grinding. Almost as soon as it’s activated, it will earn its title, efficiently packing your cones with your product. Quite literally with the press of a button, your flower will transform into a well-packed cone.

An Innovative Cone Filler

The RollBotz Robokone-Filler offers an exciting, new cone filling experience on multiple fronts. After our tiny, metal ball and chain breaks apart your cannabis product, a miniature wind tunnel is created. The swinging of the ball and chain blows the weed into the cone in a consistent, measured fashion, guaranteeing a perfectly packed cone every single time.

This product is rechargeable and comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Order your automatic cone filler today and start prepping your weed in an instant.