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When it comes to preparing your buds, the Wakit Grinder is the best weed grinder for the job. Electric weed grinders offer the obvious benefit of grinding your weed quickly, but they’re also likely to save you money as they reduce waste. This grinder was designed with patented ball & chain technology to efficiently grind weed in a matter of seconds. With quite literally the push of a button, you’ll be able to break down your cannabis into manageable-sized bits that are easy to roll and smoke.

Easy To Use

With your new marijuana grinder, you’ll be able to break down your buds with ease. Once you add your flower into the electric grinder’s chamber, all you’ll need to do is power up the grinder once or twice with a quick tap of the button. In an instant, your stems will be separated from your nugs and you’ll be ready to roll up and light up!

Custom Ball & Chain Grinding

This is the only electric grinder on the market that uses a patented ball and chain grinding method to break apart your weed. Similar in design to a miniature blender, the lightweight metal balls are designed to spin around in a circular motion, breaking apart your buds. Without slicing or shredding your plant, this electric weed grinder will get to work in a matter of seconds.

A Marijuana Grinder That’s Built to Last

Another reason that the Wakit Grinder is the best weed grinder is that you’ll be able to use it for years if properly cared for. With a drone motor, our electric weed grinder boasts superior power and durability than what you might expect. This electric grinder is also rechargeable, so you’ll be able to use it without fear of overuse. Furthermore, this grinder is quite easy to clean. A moist towelette or paper towel is all you need to wipe down the inside chamber.

Shop for the best weed grinder around and see what all the buzz is about. Also, be sure to try out the RollBotz Robokone-Filler for an all-in-one grinding and cone filling experience.