About Wakit Grinders

The Wakit Grinder is a modern cannabis grinder that works with the touch of a button. Having revolutionized the industry as the world’s first electric grinder, this easy-to-use tool utilizes a ball and chain to grind down your marijuana to a perfect texture and consistency. A tap on the cap activates the drone motor, which in turn spins the ball and chain at a high velocity, trimming and separating the stems from your nug. There’s no other cannabis grinder that gets the job done quite like Wakit!


Do you like to roll your own? Two quick taps to the cap of your automatic weed grinder will create that perfect thickness by trimming down your weed to a texture that makes rolling a breeze.


Do you smoke blunts? Wakit Grinders can create a texture with the perfect consistency, as if you had just picked apart the nug with your fingers, but without the mess.


Do you vape? Wakit Grinders is the best electric grinder on the market that can create a fine texture necessary for vaping products, such as: the Volcano, Pax, and Puri5 to mention a few.

How Does Wakit Grinders Work?

How are Wakit Grinders different from other hand-held metal or plastic tooth grinders? Traditional cannabis grinders that have been on the market forever are usually made out of cheap metal or plastic with spiky teeth which crush your weed similar to a rosin press. Cannabis was never meant to be crushed or pressed when grinding, which is why traditional smokers prefer to use their fingers to break apart their weed.


Wakit Grinders’ automatic weed grinder uses a ball and chain to mimic fingers as it gently separates the thick stems, leaving them intact, while grinding your nug to the perfect texture. As an added benefit, it yields a grind that does not contain crushed stems which will negatively impact your smoking experience. Most stems will change the taste of the strain or poke small holes through your paper or cone, affecting the airflow and how the joint burns.

Wakit Grinders Patented Technology

Wakit Grinders’ technology is simple, but most effective. The ball and chain inside your automatic weed grinder will create a vortex as it spins around the flower, gently hitting it multiple times. As a result, the kief created remains with the ground weed you are about to smoke. Since weed varies around the world, you will find that some nugs are very dry, requiring delicate handling, while other cannabis strains, such as Gorilla Glue, contain a thick terry resin which causes a build-up in traditional electric grinders. Wakit Grinders won’t be as easily damaged, as they do not require twisting, pressing, or crushing. Just a simple tap to the cap is all you need to grind any strain. No matter if it’s dry or sticky, your Wakit cannabis grinder is always ready to go!

Wakit Grinders as an Alternative to Coffee Grinders

Wakit Grinders as an Alternative to Coffee Grinders

I just use a coffee grinder, isn’t it the same thing as a cannabis grinder? Not quite! Coffee grinders were made to pulverize hard-shelled coffee beans into fine dust to brew. Coffee grinders were not made for your $350 jar of fire weed! Unlike automatic weed grinders, coffee grinders utilize thick sharp stainless-steel blades which spin at ridiculously high revolutions; ideal for grinding and turning the hard-shelled coffee beans into a thin powdery coffee ground texture. However, using this same process is a nightmare when grinding your favorite strain of cannabis because the blades will destroy the delicate trichomes which contain the plant’s medicinal properties. Oh, and forget if you live in a dry climate, just one push of the coffee grinder’s button and your nug will turn into pixie dust!

Why Use Wakit Grinders?

Wakit Grinders’ ball and chain is made of brass, so it’s flexible and will bend to the contour of the weed. Furthermore, this automatic weed grinder’s drone motor has been programmed so that you can control the grind to yield your desired texture. Don’t believe me? Try grinding up coffee beans with Wakit Grinders and see what happens…


Wakit Grinders were made to open up your weed with one tap so you can separate your stems without blending them into your finished product, which is something unattainable with a coffee grinder! Our state of the art cannabis grinder also lets you control how you break down your weed, unlike your coffee grinder which will continue to grind the material placed in the chamber until it becomes pixie dust.


I prefer using my hands to break up my weed, so am I a purist in all forms? Keep in mind that cross-contamination is a real thing. Ask yourself how many of us wash our hands every time we are about to handle and break down our expensive weed? Definitely food for thought!


There is a reason that expert growers wear gloves and are careful not to handle the cannabis harshly. Your cannabis nugs contain resin glands, known as trichomes.  Although trichomes are not easy to see by the naked eye, they are an important and delicate part of the bud.  Look through a microscope and you will discover that trichomes have an appearance like tiny mushrooms with an amber-like color. These resin glands produce cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as well as terpenes.


As you tear apart your nug with your fingers, nails, or scissors these glands are just exploding and sticking to your fingers! Since this is where THC lives, now you are not only wasting the medicinal properties for which cannabis is known for, but also wasting money as you are unable to consume the oils deposited on your hands and fingers.

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The good news is, Wakit Grinders provides a better way to break down the nugs! Wakit Grinders, the best electric grinders around, use gravity to control the way you grind your weed. By placing your Wakit cannabis grinder over your weed and using quick short taps you can control the consistency and texture of the grind; thus yielding the desired result every time.


With the use of one quick, short tap, the thick stem is trimmed away from the nug and left intact, so that you can pick and toss with ease. Using one to two quick, short taps will trim your weed to a perfect texture while the kief remains part of the ground herb. At this point, you can lift your automatic cannabis grinder and proceed to pick out the stems. Now you can gently move the nugs that still need to be broken down towards a different spot of your rolling tray. Once again, place Wakit on top of these nugs to get the perfect grind by adding another quick short tap; thus, preventing over-grinding (unless a very fine texture is indeed what you are looking for).


You see, we believe that cannabis is a delicate flower to be treated gently to ensure that the trichomes stay intact. This way you’ll better sustain their medicinal properties and achieve a higher high. Allow the Wakit automatic weed grinder to act as your fingers, tearing apart your weed to the consistency and fluffy texture for which you are looking.