About RollBotz

RollBotz Cone Filler is a premier luxury cannabis cone filler that uses a patented ball and chain technology to break down your weed to a perfect texture while simultaneously filling and packing your king-size cone; all within 3 seconds. RollBotz is your personal electric cone filler to take with you on the go.

How Does RollBotz Work?

RollBotz Robokone-Filler works unlike any other cannabis cone filler on the market, as it uses a drone motor to spin the ball and chain at a high-velocity, shredding cannabis nugs within seconds. Our secret sauce is on how it fills the cone! Once the weed is ground to a perfect texture, the electric cone filler’s vortex will shoot your product down through the filter while packing the cone.. With a RollBotz Robokone-Filler, there’ll be no more limp cone syndrome, overgrinding or destroying the medicinal properties of your weed. The result is a perfect cone every time!

RollBotz Kone Filler was made to hold every cone on the market, from a mini dog walker to a 1¼ size cone, to the big daddy king size cone. Our electric cone filler is designed at an exact dimension to hold different-sized cones. With a perfectly sized cone filler, you can say goodbye to missing the mark or wasting your expensive weed.

Why Use RollBotz?

The problem weed smokers face nowadays is that they haven’t mastered the art of rolling a joint. Some say that you need the patience and expertise of a Cuban cigar maker to roll the perfect joint, but all you really need is a quality cone filler.


Stuffing and packing a cone requires you to fit your expensive ground weed through a narrow, 10mm hole. This is an extremely difficult task, often resulting in half of your weed missing the cone entirely and getting spilled out across the table. Filling a cone this way is messy, frustrating, and a huge waste of money.


The major challenge with creating the perfect cone is packing the first ¼ inch of the cone.  If the cone is not filled and packed correctly, you will be left with a feeble end product that smokers refer to as a “Limp Cone.” A limp cone occurs when there is a bend at the tip of the cone which makes it impossible to smoke due to the lack of airflow


RollBotz has solved Limp Cone Syndrome with the innovation of our electric cone filler!

How Did We Do It?

A RollBotz’s ball and chain will create a vortex that pushes the weed into the bottom of the cone, ensuring the first ¼ inch of the cone is well packed. If you were to turn on the electric cone filler and place your hand under the cone holder, you would feel the air caused by the vortex from the spinning of the ball and chain. The vibration, which packs the cone, is created by the positioning of the drone motor. Combined with the vortex, this creates a downward-circular motion, perfectly packing the weed while filling the cone; thus, eliminating the Limp Cone syndrome!

About RollBotz - Weed Enthusiast

The Portable Cannabis Cone Filler 

One of the biggest problems weed enthusiasts encounter is wanting to smoke prior to an event; be it a favorite concert or a party with friends. Normally one would take out a grinder, rolling tray, rolling papers, and of course their favorite strain of weed. All of a sudden, rolling a joint with your friends has become a project. Not to mention, if you’re rolling up outside in the wind or in a busy room, you might as well say goodbye to your weed, as it will likely end up flying away or getting knocked to the floor.


RollBotz was made for the weed enthusiast on the go, so throw away your grinder and rolling tray. With our electric cone filler, you can simply pop a cone into the cone holder on a sunny, windy day, place the nugs in the basket, and press the button to activate. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to enjoy a perfectly packed cone! Find yourself at a party with some of your favorite people? RollBotz can fill over 100 cones on a single charge, now that’s a party!

Pandemic Friendly

The pandemic has changed the way smokers smoke, the days of licking and using spit to roll a joint are over! On top of that, many popular rolling papers contain toxic chemicals in their glue, making them dangerous to lick for adhesive. This is all the more reason to ditch traditional rolling methods and start rolling with your electric cannabis cone filler.


About RollBotz - Cannabis Patient

Medical Marijuana Patients

The cannabis patient who suffers from disabilities, such as rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and multiple sclerosis, among other debilitating conditions, has extreme difficulty in prepping their weed to smoke. Twisting and turning a steel or plastic tooth grinder can cause extreme pain, so we recommend switching to an automatic cone filler and grinder. The whole reason medical patients are consuming cannabis is for pain relief, not to induce it!

Purchase RollBotz Now

RollBotz was made specifically to provide ease of use when prepping your cones for smoking. With a push of a button RollBotz will grind your weed and perfectly pack your cone, saving you time and reducing waste.


The days of meticulous joint rolling are over. The RollBotz automatic cone filler and grinder uses magnets to hold its three parts together, so no need to twist or align threads! Preparing your medication for pain relief should not be an exercise of patience or tolerance of pain. With RollBotz, preparing your next smoke is as easy as  popping in a cone, adding your favorite weed strain, and pushing a button. Within 3-5 seconds, you’ll have a perfectly filled cone with no mess or waste.