Our Mission is to create a better life for every person that smokes weed through innovation and invention, manufacturing premier cannabis electric grinders and cone fillers. G&E Innovations & Consulting, LLC was founded on the principle of quality, design, and craftsmanship ensuring a pleasurable experience with our brand of products.

Our Story

Our Story begins on election night in 2016 when Gustavo, the founder, needed to smoke. “I dropped my glass pipe on the floor and it shattered,” he recalled. “I grabbed my Dyson vacuum cleaner, and was trying to vacuum the weed without getting the glass. When I accidentally vacuumed the broken glass, it went around in the tube in a circular motion of the Dyson. When I saw this, the idea that would change my life came to me, and I drew up the whole thing right there. I was like, ‘You know, this could work.’ Eventually, that happy little accident would lead to an invention and, years later, a thriving business.


For Gustavo, the invention was ahead of its time. Ideally, he wanted these products to help medical cannabis patients. “We wanted to measure and calculate cannabis consumption, help evaluate THC and CBD levels, and compare how cannabis was interacting with other medications, but no one was ready for that. Instead, everybody just kept asking, ‘How do you grind the weed so quickly?’ So we pivoted, and I put out Wakit Grinders.”


These inventions weren’t only born out of innovation or ingenuity. These products are also personal to the company’s founders. “The background is that my mom had pancreatic cancer,” Gustavo said. “My ex-wife also had MS at the time, but cannabis always helped. However, none of the doctors I talked to would discuss how cannabis interacted with other medications. Nobody would help in that situation, which stuck with me ever since. My hope for the future is that cannabis becomes federally legal and accepted for the miracle plant it is.

About Weed Cone Filler

RollBotz RoboKone-Fillers

The RollBotz Robokone-Filler’s ball and chain creates a vortex, like a mini twister that pushes the weed into the bottom of the cone. This will fill it up from bottom to top, ensuring the first ¼ inch of the cone is packed.  If you were to place a hand under the cone holder, you would feel the air caused by the vortex from the spinning of the ball and chain. Additionally, the vibration of the device further aids in packing the cone. With these elements combined, you’ll be able to fill and pack a cone with ease, eliminating limp cone syndrome and saving you time in the process!

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Wakit Grinders

Similar to RollBotz, Wakit Grinders use the same ball and chain to create a vortex that spins around the flower, gently hitting it multiple times. As a result, the kief created remains with the ground weed you are about to smoke. Since weed varies around the world, you will find that some nugs are very dry and requiring delicate handling, while other cannabis strains, such as Gorilla Glue, contain a thick, terry resin which causes a built-up in traditional manual and electric grinders. The resin gets caught up in the metal or plastic teeth, which get stuck together, unable to open it again. Wakit Grinders do not require twisting, pressing, or crushing since just a simple tap to the cap is all you need to grind any strain. No matter if it’s dry or sticky; Wakit is always ready to go!

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About RollBotz


The problem weed smokers face nowadays is that they haven’t mastered the art of rolling a joint, as rolling a perfect joint takes the skill of a Cuban cigar maker, talent, patience, time, and effort to get the perfect rolled joint.

Stuffing and packing a cone require placing your expensive ground weed thru a 10mm diameter hole which continues to shorten down the shaft until reaching a 5mm diameter. Doing this efficiently is an impossible task, as one ends up pouring the weed into the cone with more than half of it spilling out everywhere which not only is a waste of weed but also is a waste of money to the consumer.


The major challenge with filling and packing cones is packing the first ¼ inch of the cone.  If the cone is not filled and packed correctly, it causes a symptom known to smokers as Limp Cone which is a fatality to smokers. A limp cone occurs when there is a bend at the tip of the cone which makes it impossible to smoke, as the airflow will be constricted due to the bend on the cone, not to mention how one looks smoking a limp cone?


RollBotz has solved the Limp Cone Syndrome with the innovation of our RollBotz new invention!

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About Wakit Grinders


The good news is, Wakit Grinders provides a better way to break down the nugs! Wakit Grinders, uses gravity and the ability to control the way you grind your weed. By placing Wakit over your weed and using quick short taps you can control the consistency and texture of the grind; thus yielding the desired result every time.


With the use of one quick short tap, the thick stem is trimmed away from the nug and left intact so that you can pick and toss with ease. Using one to two quick short taps will trim your weed to a perfect texture while the kief that is created remains part of the ground herb. At this point, you can stop, lift Wakit, and proceed to pick out the stems. Now you can gently move the nugs that still need to be broken down towards a different spot of your rolling tray so that you can once again place Wakit on top of these nugs to get the perfect grind by adding another quick short tap; thus, preventing over-grinding unless a very fine texture is indeed what you are looking for.


You see we believe that cannabis is a delicate flower to be treated gently and with as little as possible handling by human hands to ensure that the trichomes stay intact providing you with the opportunity of benefiting from the medicinal properties they contain and a higher high. Wakit Grinders ball and chain can act as your fingers tearing apart your weed to the consistency and fluffy texture you are looking for.

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